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working again

SO I started a new job today. I was so excited that the process went so smoothly, I even forgot to ask what they pay!!!!! Quite Frankly they have been so welcoming and appreciative I can't imagine I would be unhappy no matter what I get paid. It is more than I could count on 3 weeks ago before I even new this job was out there.
I am so happy to feel useful. I am so happy to be helpful, I am totally in love with the invironment.  It seems They need all the quirky ,  weird things that I have collected in my brain all my life .
More than anything, after year of my Father being so completely convinced I had been a waste, I feel justified that I was right trying to learn the things I learned, believing in the things I believed in and that for me, my priorities are completely straight.
I made a difference in my Daughters's life , though I am not sure always if it was the best one, I tried really hard, and now I am very sure I have something to offer this job.
IT is funny. AS a kid , used to get so angry at my father and swear I would NEVER be a teacher...that I would NEVER be like him ,and yet...here I am ...and glad to be here. It is home.
MY mother, would understand though, she knew who I was all along!


Zoe's funeral dress

ok, finally a job-check-
some disposable income-minor but yeah...check
 time to loose some weight- heck yeah check
time to do something really cool
So I'v been looking and looking at the Zoe funeral dress for a dogs age... I have several theories on it,
The first one being
no matter what one makes it our of, it is not going to flow correctly on less the whole shooting match is cut on the bias. No amount of stitching or draping or extra things is going to compensate for the fabric being on the bias. IF one looks at the dress carefully..one sees that the  stripes and squares are really diamonds on point where the diagonal stripes intersect...if you turn a plaid on the bias you get those lines.....hmmmmmmmmmm just thinking

Ersazt Glueh Wein

So, it is the coldest day so far , in NC and I went out looking for mulling spices to mull some wine.  there are certain things totally unfamiliar to born and bread southerners...

one-  a sweater drying shelf/rack ("Don't y'all just hang ' em on the line or on a hangar like the rest of your  special stuff?") could not find one ANYWHERE not EVEN WALLMART the store for all oddities household.

 second - that wonderful collection of spices that makes hot cider into ambrosia
 and deep wine into the most amazing heat source known to frozen woman kind

So I did discover that the Celestial Seasonings' Xmas edition collection has a tea called Sugar and Spice.  ingredients? everything and a bit more in the mulling spice bag. with out the individual spice price TAG....soooooooooooooo
Mulled WIne 
1c very hot water , sutible for steeping.
2 tea bags Ceestial Seasonings Sugar and Spice tea
4tsp sugar
2 slices lemon, peel and all
2 slices orange, peel and all
1 bottle hearty red wine (merlot, cianti, burgundy you get the idea doesnt have to be high quality, just hearty enough to hold its own.

Heat the water to tea steeping  heat ( almost boiling) and  steep the 2 teabags in it for 5 minutes. Disolve the sugar into the "tea" making a sort of spicey simple syrup.
Open the wine an empty it into a heavy pot.
Add the water,tea,sugar mixture.
 Begin heating the wine.
Cut the fruit slices into quarters and add to the heating wine.
Slowly heat the wine to just steaming...do not heat to boiling
Pour into heavy mugs with a few fruit pieces floating in.

back from the undead

So after Months of having serious computer problems and barely being able to get on line to even read regulare-mails...I'm back on. Hopefully I can keep in touch with everyone this way..I am now having serious phone problems....sigh.
The good news is, I will have paying work for a few weeks. And a Dance workshop to teach in DEC..WOOT!!! The house and the cars are paidfor and we have become great believers in the wonder that is Angel Food Minestries!!!
The Bad news is...we are really snowed under after burying my FIL and having supported him in a Nnursing home for the last 20 months and on top of that my hubby and I have both been underemployed for exactly a year. The light at the end of the tunnel has to include reestablishing savings towards a recently emptied retirement fund and bgeing able to afford medical insurance.
Anybody got any ideas?
Michelle L’amour shows that burlesque is more than just a strip tease » North by NorthwesternI thought some of my friends might be interested in this article, I found it provocative...


this will be funny in august

@ aprox 5am we awoke to the house having no heat and cat and dog NOT amused with the situation.. The Meester put one his shoes and checked the oil tank, When when he found we still had oil, went into the basement to see why the furnace had cut out. He came back with one soaking wet and cold foot and the same expression on his face as the cat.(He hates to be wet! The only thing worse than being wet is getting his shoes wet. He is VERY picky about his foot wear.)
So I went to put on my wellies and went into the basement with rubber gloves on to set up and turn on the sump.
the water as abou14 inches deep and murkey.  I could not find the drain.! IDEA,! take the hose through the basement window! Nope, the humidity had swollen the stinker shut , ditto the back door which would have  let a ton of mud slush in anyway, had we been able to open it. ( Oh and just in case I got well, complacent, I discovered a leak in my left boot.  As I walked around in the murky water, it filled from the bottom and squooshed out each time I step with a little fountain out the top )

   .So , with a 100 ft hose and a husband so frustrated he was now yelling " IF WE LIVED IN ARIZONA WE WOULDN'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS !!!!!" (this man never raises his voice...almost never!) as he handed me rags to wipe the mud off the hose. I then threaded it through the house, the 1st floor laundry room and eventually, a window. Yes we have caled the man who installed the heater 2 years ago. He has a few calls ahead of us but he couldnt have seen much anyway until the water was down so he mnight be able to talk us through resetting it once the water is below the utility door.
Then it was off to the Kennel with the dog and the VERY VERY pissed off cat! The dog , BTW, was delighted. she ADORES the kennel.
SInce I put the sump in about 6am the water has gone down about 5 inches...so in another hour or so, we should be albe to see better and deal with the heater..in the mean time I am typing this with fingerless gloves,2 pair sox, aseatsuit and a coat on for warmth.sigh.
This will be funny in August

Heart Disease Awareness

My profile picture went red and so should yours. Speak up and save lives by Wearing Red on Friday, Feb 5 or any day!" Remember that heart disease is the number 1 killer of women. More than all forms of cancer combined. Please wear red next Friday to raise awareness and to make it extra fun, change your profile picture to one of you wearing red

wedding anniversary

today is our second wedding anniversary...i so amzingly lucky. blessed, what ever to have found the most loving and sweet man ever to have walked this earth!
I love you tony, more than words can say!!!

the 12 days of SCA-M-A&S

ok folks.... let us see if we can get it completed in 24 hours....
 ad in any time please..I cant think this idiocy up all by my self..
On the first day of SCA mas my  Laurel gave to me, a bunch of twigs to make into tea.......

rip terera

The love of my freind jedi s life, passed away this week from cancer. poor, dear jedi!